20 Amazing Powerpoint Bundle

General Features:
More than 900,000 slides, More than 100 Colors, Master Slide Based, One click color changer, Images placeholder based (drag and drop), 500 free font icons (slides included; not need to contact us), All graphic can Resizable, Full Editable (Shapes, Graphics, Colors, Font, Sizes, Scales, Vectors, Icons), Full animated, PPTX and PPT, 16:9 HD Widescreen, Infographics, Maps, Charts, Gallery, SWOT Analysis, Text Slides, Devices Slides, Team Section, All the slides in the preview.



Templates Included:

First Goal: http://crtv.mk/p0Abo
Bestacks: http://crtv.mk/j0WgH
Deal: http://crtv.mk/e04hN
Pitcher: http://crtv.mk/e0M3a
Global: http://crtv.mk/wW9
Launcher: http://crtv.mk/h0WM2
Brand: http://crtv.mk/wVG
Market: http://crtv.mk/g0Vuc
Executor: http://crtv.mk/ylG
Chartop: http://crtv.mk/xmL
Click: http://crtv.mk/h0WfA
Master Pitch: http://crtv.mk/q08mP
Deal Finder: http://crtv.mk/q0AEZ
Kilo: http://crtv.mk/s05OF
Platinum: http://crtv.mk/i06PR
Slidematic: http://crtv.mk/t08DU
Social Counter: http://crtv.mk/f041x
Exodus: http://crtv.mk/f02uW
Big Pitch: http://crtv.mk/gzhm
Genesis: http://crtv.mk/p069s


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Pro Video Firesale v2 Full Package

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