Instagram Auto Poster v1.0.1 – WordPress to Instagram

«Instagram Auto Poster – WordPress to Instagram» – The plugin allows you to automatically send posts to your account instagram. Use the main thumbnail with custom tag: {TITLE} – Inserts the Title of the post {URL} – Inserts the URL of the post (not clickable links) {EXCERPT} – Inserts the excerpt of the post {TAGS} – Inserts post tags {CATS} – Inserts post categories {HCATS} – Inserts post categories as hashtags {HTAGS} – Inserts post tags as hashtags {AUTHORNAME} – Inserts the author’s name {SITENAME} – nserts the the Blog/Site name To use the plugin you just have your...

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Full Text RSS v3.6

Full-Text RSS can transform partial web feeds – often summary-only feeds which expect you to visit cluttered, ad-ridden site to read the full story – to deliver the full content stripped of clutter and ads. Read articles in full, in peace, in your favourite news reading application. Features: Speedy article extraction Extraction rules ensure accurate results for popular sites and blog platforms. Multi-page support Articles split across a number of pages can be joined back together. Autodetection Where extraction rules do not exist, Full-Text RSS relies on heuristics to detect content automatically. Customisable Add custom extraction rules for fine-grained...

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Helium Scraper v2.4.3.2 Cracked

Build your extraction rules with intuitive action trees. Tell Helium Scraper what to do by choosing your actions and placing them into action trees. Extract data from any website. With an intuitive point and click interface. Choose what to extract with a few clicks. Just activate selection mode, choose a few sample items and Helium Scraper will deduce the “kind” of item you meant. Create your own actions. If more complex actions are needed, extend Helium Scraper’s functionality by making use of its JavaScript API. Export extracted data to a variery of file formats. Generate CSV or MDB Access...

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Ninja Pinner v3.1.1 Cracked

NinjaPinner leverages the HOTTEST new social network for you. Pinterest is a fun pinboard-styled photo sharing site where millions of people go to set up accounts, pin photos about what they like along with interacting with others. These members “follow” each other as friends and take part in the many features Pinterest has, creating an extremely large social network. In fact, did you know that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube… COMBINED!! Once you’ve got a Pinterest account, you can create online collages (“boards”) for different topics you’re interested in, and then add images and videos...

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NinjaGram v3.2.6 Cracked

NinjaGram comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 300 million active users. Our marketing software includes the following comprehensive features: + Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL, recent comments or likes. + Auto follow (you can also monitor a tag and like any users making new posts, thereby ensuring you are only following active accounts). + Auto unfollow (you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago or users who haven’t followed you back). + Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag...

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