DevKit v1.4 – Developer Tools for WordPress

DevKit gives you advanced CSS and Javascript editing capabilities for your WordPress site. The benefit? No more back-and-forth between the browser, your IDE and the file system. Simply add your custom edits directly in the customizer at the click of a button and view your changes instantly, with no page refreshing. View your changes instantly Work directly with the final representation of your site. Every change you make happens right away. Auto-code formatting Your CSS will be color-coded, formatted and line-numbered for easy reference and readability. DevKit is a HUGE time saver Remove the need for an IDE, save...

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Social Auto Bot v3.4.0 Cracked

Social Autobots is a software which lets you automate many social media marketing tasks on Facebook and Instagram, you normally would have to do manually. And if you have done any such tasks already for yourself, then you know how time consuming this can be. Especially Facebook Marketing can be extremely time consuming if you do a bit more then just publishing some posts on a Fan Page. You might even manage multiple Fan Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events or maybe client Fan Pages and automating many of the tasks involved in Facebook Marketing is exactly what the Social...

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Long Tail PRO Platinum v3.1.6 Cracked

Here is the New UPDATED Latest Version of Long Tail Pro Platinum 2016 v3.1.6 Cracked The need for Long Tail Pro was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords. Long Tail Pro allows you to generate much more than 800 keywords using the data from the Google keyword tool. To read more about the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro, visit our Long Tail Pro Software Page. Long Tail Pro is a product created by Spencer Haws from He has been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 years and...

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IVONA Reader v1.1.3 + IVONA voices 2 Cracked [All Voice]

What is Text-to-Speech? Text-to-Speech, abbreviated as TTS, is a technology that converts digital text into spoken voice output. Text-to-Speech systems were first developed to aid the visually impaired. They are nowadays ubiquitous, having an extremely broad field of application ranging from voices giving directions on navigation devices to voices for public announcement systems and virtual assistants. What makes a great listening experience? Users expect TTS voices to interpret text in a human-like manner, and sound just like a human would. This is especially true for interactive systems such as IVR or virtual assistants, where voices need a persona that...

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Motion Objects Full Package

“Create Highly Engaging & Profit-Pulling Videos In Minutes… With 150 New, Done-For-You Animated Objects!” 150 Animated objects in dynamic poses & fabulous look for your videos! 150 Static objects to boost your website engagement & conversions! Start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you! Forget about paying expensive outsourcing prices, or relying on ‘always late’ designers Why Should I Use Animated Objects? Boost Your Sales & Conversions Notice a quick boost in conversions & sales after swiping these engaging animated objects Save A Ton Of Money On Video Guys...

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