Ad Respark Monthly v2.1.1 Cracked

Ad Respark is a SIMPLE, newbie friendly YET extremely powerful ad creation software for creating beautiful, PROVEN to convert ad templates that have been tested vigorously and have since generated millions of dollars in revenue – yeah that’s why it’s powerful – Anybody, regardless if they are totally new to ad creation or advertising as a whole, can put this software into action and start creating beautifully designed, high conversion ads, already proven to convert.


The Ad Creation Tool you’ve always needed!

  • Proven To Convert Ad Templates
    We’ve taken ads used in our own businesses & from million dollar brands and turned them into easily customized & editable ads.. Allowing your customer to create PROVEN to work ads in just seconds using our proprietary AdRespark software!
  • Built For EVERY Ad Platform
    We don’t want to limit your customers to just one advertising platform… That’s why AdRespark covers them ALL… Instantly create ads for BUT NOT LIMITED TO websites such as… Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Display Network & more…
  • Intuitive Adaptive Size Technology
    Our adaptive size technology makes ad creation simpler than ever before. Create your ad in one size & it automatically adapts and creates the same ad in every other size… So if you create an ad for Facebook… You’ll also automatically have a high quality ad for Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc, etc.. Create one & you’re done
  • As Simple OR Customizable As You Need
    Just want to change the text in our proven to convert ads and go? Fine, it can be that simple! Want to fully customize your ad & turn it into your own personally branded version of our proven template? We’ve allowed customers to either keep it simple, or customize as much as they want to!
  • No Advanced Computer Skills? No Problem
    Our software was designed with ease of use & customer experience in mind.. The goal is to ensure anyone, no matter their age or technical skill can easily pick up the software and have their own ads made in just minutes… Our wizard & training videos leave nothing to the imagination, everything is covered & easy to do.
  • Smart Integrations For Unlimited Variations
    We’ve integrated with multiple APIs to ensure your ad creation experience is as enjoyable AND easy as possible… With things such as background removers, Stock Photos & more built directly into the software… You’ve got every tool you need in one place, making your customers lives easier than ever
  • Software Updates & A Trusted Product
    This software is fully backed by our staff & has been in the work for over year… We’ve been testing this software since May of 2015 and have hundreds of beta customers working out every single kink of the software… Now it’s primed & ready to go for your customers, bug free for launch day 🙂 – plus a lot of great updates along the way over the next few years, which your customers get free.. of course
  • Hands On, Unparalleled Support
    If your customer has any issues we’ll make sure they’re taken care of ASAP… If we need to get on the phone with them we will, if they need video chat we’ll do that as well.. We don’t rest until your customers are happy


ChangeLog v2.1.1:
1. Bug fixes
2. Upload images to facebook
3. Duplicate ads in Saved templates


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