AddMeFast Bot Latest Version

AddMeFast Bot Latest Version

Addmefast Robot


AddMeFast Bot – AddMeFast Autoclicker for Unlimited Points

Automated Solution to boost your social media presence using AddMeFast
What is AddMeFast?
AddMeFast is the #1 tool to boost your social media presence. With AddMeFast you could get REAL twitter followers, REAL facebook likes, REAL youtube subscribers and REAL website hits from REAL people. Choose who to follow, like, subscribe and visit for targeted traffic to your social network! If you don”t have AddMeFast account then you should grab it right away. Register at

Spending money to purchase points or earning these manually is a real pain!


Never buy AddMeFast points again!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try our product for 30 days,and if youre not completely satisfied just send us an email and we”ll send you a refund. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. We’re in this business for the long term and We intend to maintain our honest and clean reputation.

Earn points on AddMeFast and Get thousands of:

Facebook Likes Facebook Web Likes Facebook Subscribes Google Circles Google +1 Twitter Followers YouTube Views YouTube Subscribe YouTube Likes Pinterest Followers SoundCloud Digg Followers StumbleUpon Website Hits

Why you need AddMeFastBot?

It is a potential all in one package for all your INTERNET MARKETING It is a onetime solution to your entire social media website traffic. It is a boon for people who desire to have unlimited and uninterrupted traffic to their websites.Don’t waste your time Take immediate advantage of this great software’s outstanding functionality. Take lead of its power and its low price as soon as possible and get hundreds of new followers and fans each day along with crazy hits of websites. It’s COMPLETELY HANDS OFF
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Update Log

Version (15th June 2013)
* Fixed Facebook Login Issue
* Fixed Google Login
* Fixed Youtube Login

Version (29th May 2013)
* Fixed Facebook Login Issue
* Fixed Google Circles to skip pages already followed
+ Shows Facebook Error if account can not login
+ Shows Google Error if account can not login
+ Shows Youtube Error if account can not login
+ Shows Twitter Error if account can not login


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