Be Viral On Facebook eBook (FULL VERSION)

Facebook is all about connecting the world together. It has a profound approach on the way we interact with each other. It is always evolving and developing new and authentic ways to make shareable content a richer experience for audiences.


For the marketer (us), it allows you to reach and connect with people’s lives wherever they are. Whether this is on their PC/Laptops, mobile phones, tablets and at home/work/in public. Allowing the flexibility of how content is consumed and shared.

Viral pages thrive on the platform and are at the heart of content. For those working behind the curtains, building these pages can formulate long lasting relationships with dedicated fan bases which can amplify your page(s) with the most powerful type of marketing which is word of mouth.

Connecting with people is only the beginning, keeping those audiences engaged on a daily basis is what separates a generic page sharing viral content into a page with the capability of amassing hundreds of thousands or better yet – millions of fans that eventually – could formulate your page(s) into a respected media brand.

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