Bullet Money Machine v1.2 Nulled

BULLET MONEY MACHINE – The quickest way to make money is to sell ads.
Companies fall all over themselves to find new customers – and your sites will be there for them waiting and ready!



Want specifics?
Here are the different ways to make money through renting out your sites with Bullet Money Machine:



Last year there was an amazing launch (and crash and burn) of a product that enabled a site owner to rent out an entire URL. This is perfect for sites that rank because businesses LOVE having their site show up in searches.

Now you can RENT (not sell) the entire site and show visitors a different site when they load your page.



The oldest and most common way of advertising on a site is banner ads. With this plugin you’ll sell 12 different sizes of banners placed anywhere you drag the widget.

You can even sell multiple banners on a single page, each with a different price.



You know how blogs often have a sidebar full of “friends of the site”? Well those links are worth money because any blog owner interested in ranking in Google knows that every good link helps increate your rank.

Now you have the flexibliity of selling as many of these blogroll links as you want.


Sales Page:



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