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I want to give you my 10-step system blueprint to finding your dream million dollar (and more) business … And buying it for zero cash in just 18 weeks. This is the same plan that I used to buy and sell over 250 businesses with annual sales revenues up to $50 Billion in the last 23 years. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. Most of these deals have been made with 0, yes ZERO, cash upfront.


We’ve Included Everything In These 10 Modules:

Module 1 > Pre Season Training

  • Getting you into the deal making mindset
  • Start outlining what your dream business will look like
  • Basic financial analysis and deal structuring training
  • Housekeeping and rules

Module 2 > Your Dream Deal Specification

  • How to leverage yourself
  • Picking sector, location, role, skills & experiences, etc.
  • Building your dream deal specification
  • Creating a wealth creation plan to get you in the 0.2%

Module 3 > Deal Origination

  • The THREE seller types and how to find them
  • Building trust, rapport and credibility
  • How to stand out as the safe pair of hands
  • Originating deals from burned out owner managers, time starved investors and big business carve-outs.

Module 4 > Analysis & Approaches

  • How to research each target inside of 10 minutes
  • How to find the reasons for selling before you even meet
  • Building and segmenting your origination funnel
  • Setting up meetings and the tactics to adopt when you are there

Module 5 > Deal Structuring

  • How to quickly analyse a business financially
  • How to know what funding you will secure inside of 5 minutes
  • How to create a winning deal structure
  • How to ensure the business can make the future payments

Module 6 > Raising External Funding

  • How to raise external funding
  • All the various funder types and how to approach
  • How the business will work with the funding inside it
  • Why some of the funding doesn’t need to be repaid!

Module 7 > Negotiation & Offers

  • How to negotiate like a pro
  • Simple and advanced negotiation methods
  • Building an offer sequence
  • Submitting offers

Module 8 > Deal Execution

  • How to hire contingent fee advisors
  • Exclusivity & planning
  • Due diligence: what it means
  • Legal contracts

Module 9 > Closing & Ownership

  • What happens at closing
  • Final checklists & course review
  • Getting your cash out of the deal
  • Going to your new business as the owner

Module 10 > Bolt-On Acquisitions

  • Growing like a weed
  • Acquiring other opportunities
  • Cross-selling and synergies
  • The 650% value multiplier

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