Domain Hunter Gatherer PRO v1.7.78.0 Cracked

Power at your finger tips, Get the power of Expired Domains in your hands, Very Simple Setup, Find domains from a keyword or a website, Thousands of domains from seconds of “work”, DHG is very powerful and requires just seconds to setup and start harvesting valuable expired domains. Features: Domain Auction Hunter Find unlimited powerful and brandable domains from all of the major domain auction websites and compare to find the best domains at the prices you are willing to pay. Web2.0 Hunter Web2.0 accounts can be used as a base for any successful SEO campaign and with DHG...

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Inspyder OrFind v5.1.2.11321 Cracked

OrFind is a powerful desktop tool to easily detect and remove unlinked (or “orphaned”) files from your website. OrFind works by checking every link on your website and comparing those links to the files stored on your server. The result is a clear view of the files your website uses (accessible files) and which ones it does not (orphaned files). As your website is updated over the years, old and unused files build up like dust. These files waste space, create security risks and cause SEO problems. Finding out which files are needed and which can be removed is...

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Inspyder Backlink Monitor v5.1.4.11321 Cracked

Backlink Monitor is the easiest way to track and manage your website backlinks. Just enter your backlink URLs and let Backlink Monitor check the status, anchor text, IP address and PageRank for you. It couldn’t be easier. Best of all, Backlink Monitor works with multiple backlink tiers! Stop working hard and start working smart with Backlink Monitor. How should I use Backlink Monitor? Backlink Monitor is designed to be used along side your day-to-day link building activities. As you build backlinks you’ll paste the new links into the main Backlink URLs list. You always want to be adding to...

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Inspyder Rank Reporter v5.1.211321 Cracked

Rank Reporter from Inspyder is an easy to use application for keeping track of your website’s search ranking. Rank Reporter automates the tedious process of manually monitoring website search placement. Just enter your URL, some keywords and click Go! Rank Reporter will take care of the rest. Features and Benefits: Easy to Use Just enter your website’s URL, your keywords, and click ‘Go!’ No Recurring Costs Inspyder Rank Reporter has a one-time cost ($74.95 per user-license), whether you check 20 or 200 keywords, for as many sites as you manage. No keyword or monthly fees! Competitor Tracking New in...

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Inspyder Power Search v5.1.3.11447 Cracked

Power Search from Inspyder is the easiest way to search and scrape data from virtually any website. Crawl websites to look for specific words and phrases, or use Power Search to scrape and save data using our innovative point-and-click interface. Features and Benefits: Easy to Use Just enter a website URL, your query, and click ‘Go!’ Low Cost Power Search has a one-time cost. No monthly fees and no limits on pages or sites crawled. Scrape Website Data Save website data to CSV or XML formats. Regular Expression Support Parse data from a website using the power of Regular...

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Inspyder Web2Disk v5.1.4.11487 Cracked

Web2Disk the easiest way to save an entire website to your computer. Just enter a website address and click Go! Web2Disk automatically finds all the pages and images on the website and downloads them to your PC. Web2Disk even fixes the links automatically that you can browse websites you’ve downloaded directly from your hard drive. What could be easier? Features and Benefits: Easy To Use Just enter a website URL and download the whole website! Offline Browsing Web2Disk fixes downloaded websites for easy offline browsing. Low Cost Web2Disk has a one-time cost ($39.95 per user-license), whether you download 20...

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