Whatsapp Blaster PRO v1.2 2016 Edition Full Version

1 channel send 210 messages Blast UNLIMITED message to Whatsapp users around the world. Whatsapp Blaster Brand new Desktop Application, was made especially to enable advertisers to send group, advertising and non- commercial advertising messages using WhatsApp which will allow user to send photos, videos. User will be able also to send a large number of characters as well so he would get the maximum possible benefit of the sending process. Features: The first Bulk platform for WhatsApp Users, called WHATSAPP Marketing, provides the ability to create contact lists of potential customers mobile phones and send text messages with...

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QueenSoft WA Group Sender v3.1 Full Version Pack

WA Group Sender QueenSoft is bulk Whats App Sender with virtual Android Machine. Features: send message individual of persons send message in group send text, image and Video autoregister channels You can use VPN:VyprVPN, Seed4MeVPN, BetternetVPN, HMAVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, AsiaVPN for more of sent messages up to 0-400 messages per channel, as lucky   This package included, emulator, .apk files, complete user guide etc. DOWNLOAD LINKS & INSTRUCTIONS: Sorry, You need to be logged in to download this tools. GET FULL ACCESS all the tools on this site for a onetime payment of ONLY $89. This includes FREE updates...

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WappBulk Turbo v7.0.0.2 Full Version

It can send up to 20000 messages per hour. From channels of India and Indonesia this software can send more 150 messages per channel. To use sender software you also need to have channels (Channel – It’s a combination of a number and password used to login into whatsapp (when you register on whatsapp then a password is generated against your number)) It’s a desktop app so you have all the power & freedom on your hands. All settings are available on interface to adjust everything you want. 3 Language Support Chat Support Set profile picture & status of...

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WhatsApp Tools v2.4 Full Version

A tool to parse WhatsApp hashes, to generate new or use existing WhatsApp and register a or existing range of WhatsApp numbers. Modules: Parser Import phone numbers from a .txt file or generate them and check wether they were already registered with empty or specified password Features: Ultra-fast multi-threaded parallel parsing Ability to parse numbers registered with a password Multiple API versions implemented. You can use the newest, oldest one or both of them Ability to set a pause in order to avoid WhatsApp filtration Export parsed numbers to CSV or TXT files, including parsed hashes Registration Send verification...

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