FB Video Ad Control Full Course

FB Video Ad Control is a step-by-step, sizzling hot case study where I open the curtains behind tapping into my number one automatic and targeted traffic source… FB Video Ads. And that’s the genius about FB Ad Control: It only deals with TARGETED traffic that can be converted into cash…and it doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting. Over and over again!


Here’s FB Video Ad Control Benefit :

  • Generate ‘unlimited’ highly targeted, automatic traffic on demand…every single day.
  • Effortlessly build more brand recognition and become a niche authority
  • Reach a massive exposure from thousands upon thousands of people seeing your ads each and every day
  • Get your offers in front of your target customers with their credit card in hand in just minutes…
  • Start making SALES and more money quickly!
  • All of the traffic you’ll get will be on complete autopilot (this way you will have more time to spend on other parts of your online busi-ness.)
  • Finally stop miserably struggling for traffic and sales…Once you tap into FB Video Ad source of unending traffic, you will never worry about traffic again!
  • Works like charm in ANY niche…it doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting.


Here’s What you will learn Inside :

Video 1: The Right Ad Copy (the attention-getting ad copy)
– What to say in your ads to attract your ideal clients and get them to click
– How To Instantly DOUBLE the amount of people who click on your ads
Video 2: The Right Video Structure (the video formula that converts like crazy)
– What doesn’t work and what does work
– What to say in your video ad
– How long it should be
Video 3: The Right Vid Ad Setup (How to Drive Traffic the EASY way) (the Easy Targeted Traffic MethodTM)
– Setup Your Campaign the Easiest Way Possible-In 20 Seconds
– Put on FB (How to Get 4x the views instantly)
– No ads manager or Power Editor Needed!
– Completely newbie friendly
– (hint: it’s also the EASIEST way!)
Video 4: The Right Video Thumbnail Template
– Use my exact thumbnail template to position yourself as a niche authori-ty WHILE also slashing ad costs.
– Get this wrong, and you’ll be paying 3-5x more to get your video ads clicked)
Video 5: The Vid Ad Game Changer
– The sneaky trick that instantly doubles the amount of people who watch your video ads until the very end (I upped my video views from 12-26%)
– How to Use NLP in your video ads to convert more clicks to your offers
Video 6: Launching Your Video Ad Campaign
– How to put it all together and launch your video ad in under 1 minute


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