GMAss v1.0.2 – MASS Email & MAIL Merge for GMAIL

A powerful email mareketing and follow-up service for Gmail.
Use Gmail to send email marketing campaigns to 10,000 people. Connect to Google Sheets. Personalization. Scheduling. Open and click tracking. Create email lists based on search results. Send emails as replies to the last conversation you had with each person. The killer feature: set automatic follow-up emails to be sent sequentially until you get a reply.


Current Features:

  • Gmail’s Compose window: Compose your message just like any other Gmail message. Include attachments and inline images.
  • Personalization: Personalize the Subject and Body with the following insertions: {FirstName} {LastName} and {EmailAddress}. If you connect to a Google Sheets spreadsheet with other columns, you can personalize to your heart’s content. {Company}, {City}, {DateOfBirth}, {CouponCode}, and any other column for which you have data can be used. You may also use the format {FirstName|Fallback-Value} where the “fallback value” will be used when “FirstName” is blank. For example: {FirstName|Friend}
  • Google Sheets Integration: Choose a Google Sheets spreadsheet and GMass will pull email addresses and other fields from it. (more detail)
  • Scheduling: Schedule mass emails to be sent later. (more detail)
  • Open Tracking: Turn open-tracking on or off.
  • Click Tracking: Turn click-tracking on or off. (more detail)
  • Unsubscribe Link: Provide an optional unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. (more detail)
  • Reports:Campaign level reports that show how many people opened, clicked, replied, and bounced. All reports are now downloadable in CSV format. Reports show up under the “GMass Reports” Label on the left.
  • Email List Builder: Extract email addresses just by searching for past conversations in your account.
  • Follow-up Campaigns: Easily send follow up email campaigns to those who replied, opened, clicked, or received, or didn’t reply, open, click, or receive, or any combination thereof. (more detail)
  • Reply Management: Emails received in response to a mass email, including replies and bounces, are automatically categorized for you, preventing Inbox clutter. (more detail)
  • Break Gmail’s Sending Limits: Send email campaigns to greater than 500 (or 2,000 for Google Apps users) people at a time, using our distribution technology. Send campaigns to up to 10,000 recipients, and GMass will auto-send them over multiple days so you don’t violate Gmail’s limits (more detail)
  • New messages vs. Replies: Choose whether emails are sent as new messages to each recipient or as replies to your last conversation with each recipient. If you have no prior conversation with a recipient, the email will be sent as a new message. If you do have a prior conversation with the recipient, the email will be sent as a reply, and the Subject of your email campaign will be ignored, since the Subject of the last conversation will be used.
  • Test mode: Choose to only create Drafts, in case you don’t want GMass to actually send emails, or if you want to see what the personalization looks like first.


More Informations (Read Please):


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