Keyword Grouper PRO Crackit-ID

Group all your keywords into relevant groups!

IMPROVE SEO & PPC RESULTS – KeywordGrouper Pro makes it easy to take any keyword list (long-tail keywords, broad words, questions, LSI terms, trends, etc.) and analyze and sort them perfectly into related groups.


The Most Amazing Keyword Grouper
After searching everywhere for a keyword grouping tool that understood the relationships between the speech patterns of the search query, no tool could be found that properly handled long-tail keywords, broad phrases, and question terms. Enter KGPro…

  • Big & Small
    Whether you have a keyword list of 300 or 30,000, you’ll get relevant groups everytime.
  • Natural Speech
    KeywordGrouper Pro will process your list using the natural speech patterns of your target audience.
  • Super Easy
    Super easy to use. No installation necessary. Works in Chrome and Firefox on PC and Mac.
  • Export & Use
    Export your groups into .csv format for easy usage in tools like Excel and OpenOffice and XMind.

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