Parasite SEO for 2016 – Charles Floate

So you’ve read about Parasite SEO, maybe you’ve even tried it?

It’s complicated, seems a bit overwhelming even… Building your own site is one thing but utilizing someone else’s? Whole different ball game.


Well, in this 15 page eBook I’ll show you exactly what’s working for 2016, what links to build, as well as 3 bonus resources (Including a tool worth $57!) that help you:

  • Do Hidden 301 Redirects
  • Buy SAPE Links in English
  • Easily do URL Variations


And that’s just the resources part… This eBook Covers

  • Parasites you’ve never even heard of before
  • How to build a parasite that will dominate before you even hit it with a single link
  • Optimal link building strategies for every type of parasite
  • How to index your parasites in minutes
  • Maintaining your parasites rankings
  • and a whole lot more….


Sales Page:


Traffic Money Magnet Full Package
Charity Hub v1.09

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