ReClick App Full Access + WP Plugin

Convert Visitors into Subscribers and Customers Even if they are already leaving your site! Re-Capture, Re-Engage & Re-Market in Minutes. collect leads, sell your products, give out coupons, promote affiliate offers and more


More Features:

  • Opt-in Forms & Lead Capture
    Instantly collect highly targeted & responsive leads from your super-engaged audience depending on their behaviour for maximum results. You can re-capture your already exiting traffic & re-engage your idle visitors using highly targeted campaigns are custom-tailored to specific audiences.
  • Discounts, Coupons & Sales Offers
    You can instantly offer discounts and coupon codes to your abandoning prospects and close 3x more sales than your standard sales funnel – this is great if you own a local business or sell physcial products, we use it all the time ourselves.
  • Your Audience Engagement is Guaranteed Everytime & Tailored to Deliver Maximum Profits
    (ReClick comes with the Mints App’s flagship customer-driven funnels technology, the first of it’s kind)
  • Binary Campaigns
    Discover exactly which products your audience prefer and sell exactly that to them – this has worked insanely well for us in selling our apparels and jewelries, we use this to hold contests & collect super-responsive leads too.
  • Multi-poll Campaigns
    We basically call this the engagement pile-driver, absolutely nothing comes close to this campaign-type when it’s time to get your audience talking about any topic, fully engaged with your brand and products.
    This is also great for catching trends and you know trending topics & offers are very profitable especially for eCommerce & Fan page based marketing.
    Stop Bleeding Traffic – Convert Visitors Who’re About to Leave Your Site into Subscribers & Paying Customers
  • New exit-intent technology
    Every single time you drive traffic to your lead pages and sales offers – you lose 70% – 95% of that traffic, these are a bunch of folks who’ll just land on your sites and leave without subscribing or buying anything, and they never return. You keep spending more money to generate more traffic as you keep bleeding badly… our new ReClick app with Exit-Intent technology is going to plug that leak and convert 3x more visitors with your abandoning traffic.
  • Integral Pattern Disrupt Full screen campaigns
    ReClick features full screen pattern disrupt marketing teachnology that guarantees every single visitor feels the impact and is conered to take action on your campaigns
  • Works seamlessly across all devices
    Increase your mobile conversions and revenue with mobile-friendly campaigns
  • Catch your visitor’s eye with Reclick Appearance effects
    No matter how good your marketing is… it will not bring any result if it’s not noticed
    Reclick effects is a signature technology that helps you catch visitor’s attention with animated effects. With over 40 in-built eye-catchy effects and animations.
    All you have to do is select the effect that you want from the sub-menu while creating your optin and save settings.


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