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  1. will bradley

  2. will bradley
    the latest video version.

  3. amonbbm amonbbm

    I want oswad theme! Please please send me working version all versions are not installing!

  4. amonbbm amonbbm
    can we get hold of this software?

  5. will bradley

  6. jimmy jimmy

    Gan request yang ini ya..

  7. Money Robot Submitter

  8. daniel jipeanu

    I need Ninja Blaster cracked

  9. shakiel bond

    Please upload SoundCloud Automator 2.3

  10. will bradley

  11. will bradley

    Its not software but wondering if you have access to course?

  12. will bradley

  13. will bradley

  14. will bradley

  15. will bradley

    I can’t get the complete download from

  16. will bradley

  17. – Amasuite 4.0

    Mirror: – Need nulling


  18. will bradley

  19. Please crack this one:
    I need the Enterprise Edition or if it is impossible, the Pro version is sufficient.
    I am willing to pay US$15 for this.

  20. How about this one:
    All-in-one Automated Website Builder.
    AdSense Ready.

    • ok buddy your request has been listed on our list, for now not only from this sites we received 100+ request, so just wait …

    • hey dude just info for you..
      It’s really happened to me I buy auto trackback software from AWB Genius. You know? this is not desktop software as we expect but you buy script that have to install in your web server. Script will run as we want like: add keyword, anchor, proxy etc + you can add your own list. But nothing succeed! no refund, no support. so please don’t buy here hxxp://

      • Chill out pal.
        Let the experts handle this.
        If they think it’s not working, they would not show it here, now would they?
        The amount of money to burn on one software is nothing compared to the cash generated from their membership dues and pay to upload commissions.

        • putri anzani

          It seems it cant be cracked because of the data base builder that is set to their server.

          So you can’t build site’s offline, if anyone says it’s not the case !

          We have 2 people already willing to participade in a COMMBINED EFFORT ! We need 17 chipping in $10 !

          We buy it as a group (NO GROUP BUY) and have it cracked by our team and than shared with all members on this sites!

          • Just forget it. Thanks anyway. I only need this one:

  21. Facebook sosial tool kit i need some crack for it

  22. WP WEB APP (
    Enterprize version please.
    I’m willing to buy you a Pizza & Coke. πŸ™‚

  23. loust louis

    ASINSPECTOR PRO 1.5.16 (
    There are cracked versions available in other VIP Forums

  24. edwin yahezkiel

    request ini gan… trims

  25. This is our Dream-Plugins :
    ‘Push Notifications for WordPress €599.00 (Umlimited Sites)’

    If you could give it to us, I’ll dedicate one dinner for you.

  26. scrapebox version 2 bossss tolong ya

  27. – Need nulling , please.

  28. yang ini kayanya mantep gan mohon bantuannya

  29. siddardha thammana


    please crack this
    thank you.

  30. sheila vivi

    tolong crack link software ini

  31. thank u for acpt my req before and now i need some extension

    2.acount manager

    i’m very2 need it so please help me . . thanks

  32. guido notte

    I am a HAPPY New VIP Member.. I want say HALLO and THANK YOU to the crew of this awesome website. My request is this. I wish a crack for the software promoted here
    EasyVSL – Please I think it will be nice for all the community πŸ™‚

  33. sheila vivi ini juga

    yang ini link downloadnya minta login gan… mohon bantuannya

  35. will bradley

  36. sheila vivi

    thme grifus nu v4.0.0

  37. guido notte

    After the awesome job with my first request.. i go with the second one. Check if you may crack this.. i think all the community will appreciate it


  38. jimmy jimmy

    request TTS Video studio ya gan..Makasih..)

  39. sheila vivi

    fhamoy tolong dong saya butuh lisensi ini nih

  40. antonio de martillo

    FaceDominator working

  41. fritz saint

    – Ultimate Membership Pro 2.1

  42. punya yang kayak gini ngga gan ?

  43. guido notte

    Here is another great crack you may do for the community. Check it here: it looks very interesting or all the crew πŸ™‚

    • putri anzani

      we can’t crack or access to member area, but we have GB for this one,
      if you interested, you can joint our GB for $19 [Onetime Payment Only]..

      with this GB you will GET:
      Top quality Facebook Viral Tool:

      – Viral Autobots | Bumblebee Edition ( $42/ lifetime )
      – Viral Autobots Affiliate Cloaker OTO1 ( $27 )
      – Viral Autobots Training OTO2 ( $27 )

      You can send GB payment [$19] into our paypal account


  44. fritz saint

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates 8.0 Item Purchase Code

  45. scarcity samurai new version

    hello, please could you upload new version of scarcity samurai? it doesnt work, its true that, you can upload it and activate, but you cant create a campaing in the final step.

    another scarcity, you have – scarcity hero, doesnt work πŸ™‚

    thanks, if you could!!
    have a nice christmas

  46. puguh legowo

    Spinner Chieft 3 update with crack please?

  47. barney kushman

    This isn’t a software but a membership site with a lot of valuable training on it…


  48. barney kushman

    Stealth Seminar

    Thank you.


  49. barney kushman

    Socispot – Elite Version

    sales page:

    Please, Thank you.


  50. priya rajarajan

    I need the FacetWP plugin (Advanced Filtering for WordPress)


  51. priya rajarajan

    I need the complete wpjobmanager addons.


  52. priya rajarajan

    NewCommerce Multi Vendor WP Plugin needed


  53. stuffbox stuffbox

  54. barney kushman

    driver updater pro

  55. dario serra

    Hi can you download

    Thanks in advance & Merry Christmast!

  56. barney kushman


    thank you!


  57. barney kushman

    Local Marketing Revolt

    sales page:




  58. barney kushman

    Video Traffic Genie

  59. barney kushman

    TrackLabor, please.

    sales page:



  60. barney kushman

    Scope Freak

    (please & thank you)

  61. barney kushman



  62. barney kushman please & thank you.

  63. barney kushman Unlimited Sites

  64. barney kushman

    Social Link Machine v2 Plus Developers:

    Pretty please??? Thank you!

  65. barney kushman

    Content Constructor Pro Developers

    Please & thank you!

  66. barney kushman

    WP Master Developer Code Editor For WordPress Plus Training:

    Please & Thank you.


  67. barney kushman

    WP Chat Box & Chat Infiltrator:

    Please & Thank you.

  68. priya rajarajan

    Require SEM rush

    Sales Page:

  69. barney kushman

    Avada WP Theme please:

    Thank you.

  70. priya rajarajan

    Ultimate WooCommerce Brands Plugin needed


  71. barney kushman

    Survey Funnel 4.7.9 please & thank you.

  72. barney kushman


    Project Supremacy v2 Plugin – Agency License

    Private invitation sales page:

    If that link doesn’t work, maybe try:

    Please take a look and see what you can do as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  73. barney kushman

    Bookly Plugin

  74. barney kushman

    Team Booking

  75. barney kushman

    HTML to APK converter Pro – ALL features unlocked… Unlimited everything…

    Original download page:

    Pro upgrade sales page:

  76. barney kushman

    PPC Web Spy highest level version

  77. priya rajarajan

    Need username and password for traffic mice

  78. jimmy jimmy

    Gan minta tolong Crack ini plugin ya… banget. Makasih..

  79. barney kushman

    Article Builder:

    This will make my dreams come true. πŸ™‚

    Please, and thank you.


  80. jimmy jimmy

    crack this please..

  81. barney kushman

    Formidible Pro & all the addons:


  82. priya rajarajan

    No Cost income Stream Blueprint


  83. alfred tendean

    Where is the link to download WP image suite v3.0 ?
    All the bonus links are there except for the main plugins.

  84. puguh legowo

    please legit license for spinner cheft 3, gans

  85. gan punya theme buat movie site online ngga?

  86. Charlie Alberti

    Channel Authority Builder

    Tube Hero Pro

  87. yudhi kristanto

    gan request, plugin di yg nulled and latest ya gan. terima kasih

  88. barney kushman

    Artisteer 4.3 & Themler Pro:

  89. barney kushman

    WP FotoPress Pro Developers:

    Please, and thank you.

  90. yang ini keren gan… mohon bantuannya…

  91. Charlie Alberti

    This one please..

  92. will bradley

    content constructor please

  93. will bradley

  94. Charlie Alberti

    Please: but then the pro version πŸ™‚

  95. yudhi kristanto

    request :

  96. Thinh Tran

    I need it, thank you.

  97. Hello! I would ask two tools to download:


    2 Β°

    I need to download!
    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  98. Thinh Tran

    request, thank you.

  99. Hi! Urgent need to download this program:

    Is it urgent!

  100. priya rajarajan

    Need Shirttoolsv.5

  101. Thinh Tran

    request, thank you.

  102. yudhi kristanto thank you.

  103. barney kushman

    Fb share to unlock pro developer/client license, please.

  104. Thinh Tran

    request, thank you.

  105. ebola emerique

    Hi every one, please can i have the cracked version of captcha sniper 5.:)
    thank you

  106. Charlie Alberti

    Can you find this one please for me?
    Thanks already for the effort

  107. barney kushman


    Please & thank you.

  108. Charlie Alberti

    Maybe you can use this? πŸ™‚

  109. barney kushman

    WP Segmenting Machine Unlimited:

    Please and thank you


  110. barney kushman

    AdRespark with OTO’s please & thank you:

  111. trung ducbk

    PLR Instant Niche Blogs v4, thank you

  112. yudhi kristanto

    need latest version. old version doesn’t working anymore.

  113. barney kushman

    Lead Rabbit Commercial please & thank you:

  114. R.M. Arjuna

    template blogspot yg responsive fast loading yg lain jg gpp gan.


  115. yudhi kristanto
  116. Charlie Alberti

    Would be amazing to get this themes πŸ™‚

  117. Charlie Alberti

    This would be awesome: WP Backup Plus

  118. januardy xcoder

    Hi guys ! i need new version of this plugins , please… thx as well guys,..please provie us with contents of this web thx

  119. barney kushman

    UpViral pro edition, please and thank you.

  120. Theme Templatic Responsive Premium WordPress

    por favor e obrigado!

  121. barney kushman

    fresh domain leads platinum lifetime:

  122. barney kushman
  123. alex buckee

    Need Access to tutorials and soure code.

  124. puguh legowo is a great challenge for you dude…

  125. priya rajarajan

    I need this Scrivener urgently
    Sales Page:

  126. Charlie Alberti

    Hi this would be amazing: Business edition

  127. priya rajarajan

    Need Traffic Fresh Pro.The one in this website only adds adwares.

  128. priya rajarajan

    Need CurationNeos Software.

    Sales Page:

  129. Charlie Alberti

    The pro version please -> Thank you

  130. sheila vivi sejauh ini saya belum menemukan ini

  131. clovis delrey

    hi all vip members and crackitindonesia team, may you have serial keygen or crack for FB friend Bomber (only demo available)


  132. clovis delrey

    hello, can we have massive shopify conversion?

    thanks a lot. πŸ˜‰

  133. clovis delrey

    hi guys, may we have audiencespy software? thx


  134. Charlie Alberti long as it is open you can get a free account:

  135. priya rajarajan

    Need Instamate.
    Sales page:

  136. eezhar eewanee

    fb lead chef 4.2 (latest) using lychee API. tolong carikan crack ya.

  137. barney kushman
  138. Charlie Alberti – Professional or Enterprise Edition! Thanks πŸ™‚

  139. saad mudz

    ada gak gan shutterstock download generator atau apa yang bisa dowload gratis dari shutterstock atau bigstockfoto?

    • putri anzani

      lebih sfesifiknya agan butuh stock foto apa???
      kalo buat imers di web ini udh banyak di post gan….

      atau coba free resource berikut:

      or try this one:

      1. Go to istock photo and select the image that you like
      2. Right click the image and copy the photo URL
      3. Then go to and paste the image URL into the search box

      Tineye would find the similar image but without watermark on it. Choose and save the picture that you want.


      • saad mudz

        sory lama balesnya, sibuk banget, butuhnya sih vector gan yang berhubungan ame kesehatan
        ada sih kayak “Shutterstock PD v2” tapi pasti ni sofware shuck!!
        masak cuma copas id gambar langsung kedownload…

        ya kalau ada beneran sih enak banget..

  140. gan minta versi terbaru blog samurai….

  141. guido notte

    Here is something that the crew will LOVE.. Try to find access for this: – Waiting for your solution πŸ˜€

  142. sheila vivi


  143. igor petrov

    Hi i am very interested in whatsapp soft. Can you make a heroic thing and post softs from

    • putri anzani

      we must have all the original files to cracking process,
      i have developer to make it real, also he offers to me $65 for this tools package below ( updatable and license version ):
      If any member interested we can make Group Buy to this package:

      > QueenSoftWhatsappSender V3
      > Secured Wart 726.1
      > WaPanel 6.0
      > WAPP Filter Turbo 1.1
      > WappBulk 2.4
      > WhatsApp Channel Checker 1.7.0 767.0
      > Whatsapp Nuer Checker Pro V7 1.7
      > WhatsApp Nuer Filter 4.2 709.5
      > WhatsApp Parser And Register 561.0
      > Whatsapp Registration Tool 580.6
      > WhatsApp Sender 5.1 20.5
      > WhatsApp SuperFinder Turbo 1.5 482.8
      > WhatsAppChannelFinderTurbo 16 33.5
      > WhatsAppTools 2.0
      > WappBulk5503 2.9
      > WART Proxy 620.4
      > WART_Latest 354.6
      > WasupBulk 4.4
      > WCF1.8 1.9
      > BhalooFilter 517.2
      > Channel Checker and Hash Changer 1.9 62.2
      > Channel Checker and Hash Changer 61.8
      > Mega WART 3.0
      > QueenSoft Whatsapp Sender 10.5
      > Whatsapp Blaster 5.5 944.5
      > Whatsapp Blaster v4.0 1.3
      > WhatsApp Blaster v5 1.3
      > Whatsapp Bulk 5.1 Register 3.0
      > Whatsapp Bulk 5.1 Turbo Fillter 514.2
      > Whatsapp Bulk Sender Pro 7 11.4

      • igor petrov

        As i know that site have already cracked soft. No need to crack. If no way just to download that soft can also go your way. But main thing is how to upgrade soft later, is it possible? And need to viber soft also from queen soft viber spam 2.5 and other may be

        • putri anzani

          You are in the right place if you do not have enough money to buy original software at high prices,
          or just want to try certain products before making a purchase decision.
          But once you are satisfied and make enough money, we highly recommend you buy the original products & support the developers to get any update support.

          Just give me the link to your software or product you need to test them before making a purchase, if possible we will help you as we can. Thanks

          • igor petrov

            Yes you have best service i have ever seen. And today share think great i will look now new pack. may be some there. anyway developer is queensoft and he dont like site to introduce soft. so it is just a name queensoft whatsapp sender and i need all his softs. his skype queensoftvn help me if can. viber soft also need his viber marketing new

  144. yudhi kristanto

    gan, tolong download & crack

  145. the luthfi

    hi, have u find this ?
    please upload it if already, thanks

  146. lecommerce8 lecommerce8

    Hello team

    could you share this awesome plugin for wordpress

    Thank you!!

  147. igor petrov

    Hi. Nice new soft please buy it and crack will be great!

  148. igor petrov
  149. the luthfi

    mba putri, request ini ya..

  150. trung ducbk

    funnelkit Go
    thank you

  151. lecommerce8 lecommerce8

    Hello again team!!

    can you share this plugin please it’s not a web app its a software.

    thanks advanced!! have a nice weekend

  152. Kim Gales

    looking for the full course. The one listed on this site is only a sample of full course. Very basic.

  153. mokote mokote

    Money Robot Submitter v 6.63

  154. guido notte

    Hi bro, what about SOCIAL LOCKER ?? Which version is working well.. Here there are 5 different versions and i do not know which works. May you tell me?

  155. the luthfi

    mm, mungkin yg ini bisa min?

  156. mochamad irfan

    mbak minta ini dong

    langsung 3 sekalian . utamanya yang preman adsense . sukur2 bisa di bikin unlimited domain

  157. Kim Gales

    Looking for Rapid Mailer.
    This is a WP plugin.

    Thank you

  158. Kim Gales

    Would like social interest freak.


  159. scotty blogging

    Can you pls. pls. pls. do

  160. clovis delrey

    hello putri anzani, do you think you can get just launched it is a so usefull software. thanks for your help. πŸ˜‰

  161. joshua preece

    Just wondering if you are able to get “Social Ad Classroom” by Dan Dasilva. It’s Facebook ads training. Thanks. – Read more at: |

  162. joshua preece

    I’m also wondering if you can get Smart Apps buddle – it’s a shopify app. Thanks

  163. guido notte

    What about this? NIMBUS SEO.
    Check it here:

    It must be very powerfull looking at the price πŸ˜‰

  164. joshua preece – Can we get Linear App for SHopify?

  165. mokote mokote

    can you add 301 ranker software?


  166. dick elbert salim

    request theme premium ini

    ato sudah ada yak di forum ini?

  167. sheila vivi

    imacros premium bu

  168. genius team

    hi , can you help me again ? can you provide
    wordpress plugin lifetime ?

  169. rofi rofi

    gan bisa request themex Indostore egk atau Themeid buat wp toko online

  170. vaughn scrivenseo

    I would like Secrets of a Six Figure Upworker,

    Erica Stone’s WSO

    And Jon Dystra’s Niche Tycoon updated for April 2016.,

    Thank you for your assistance!

  171. rofi rofi

    Gan Boleh Requst follow untuk instagram thank u before

  172. Hilryson

    Hello, could you update Elite-video-player-v2-0-6 to the 2.0.7 ?

    It has a important update, it was added Youtube quality video menu selector.

    I found it on many sites, like the “.info” one..

    I couldn find it for free;


    *Sorry for duplicated comment, I added an image on this one.

  173. the luthfi

    Gan I am Request Theme WordPress All theme.

  174. R.M. Arjuna

    gan requez ini
    moga yg itu td ada gan

  175. larissa girl


    can you provide these one??
    Facebook Like Jacking Ninja 4.0


  176. mokote mokote

    can you get the addmefast bot?

  177. mokote mokote

    sorry bad window, delete this please

  178. mokote mokote

    Please add “YouTube cash secrets” course


  179. priya rajarajan

    Need Video Traffic Genie

  180. Antonio Leonardo Forato

    Hello, there is a very interesting app to make money with bets:

    there is also a free version in this site, it would be great to have this software nulled

  181. henry ss

    hello! There is the possibility that you upload the new version of wp survey funnel plug in, the version they have available does not work well

  182. mochamad irfan

    hallo Putri ..
    can you give this ?

  183. joshua preece

    Can we get Dropship Lifestyle 4.0 please?

  184. rofi rofi

    gan request aplikasi ini boleh egk atau yang sejenis dengan ini

    makasih banyak sebelumx karena request ane udah di acc semua crackitindonesia memang the best . . .

  185. yudhi kristanto

    gan, bisa crack berikut tutorialnya? terima kasih

  186. gan punya aplikasi atau semacamnya yang bisa sekali posting ke banyak blog (blogspot) kayak autoblog… tapi yang work…. makasih sebelumnya…

  187. tanto pilando

    gan ada content dr ini ?

  188. Antonius Bambang Herlambang

    Hi… can help for this chrome plugin ? PREMIUM anyAudience Facebook Group inviter addon for Windows Chrome :

    Thanks alot

  189. sunaryo joko waluyo

    please give me bot/sofware ” tokopedia scraper”

  190. sunaryo joko waluyo

    Admin..Saya minta untuk diberikan sofware untuk scrap tokopedia ini linknya http://topedscraper[dot]com/. terima kasih

  191. pepa bere

    Hello guys,
    is there any possiblities to get Interspire email marketer addon? Thanks for response!
    btw. if there is a chance to get it, i’ll support your VPS project for one month in return πŸ™‚

  192. puguh legowo

    gan minta license legit nya spinrewriter donk….thanks

  193. abdhi rto

    Request Software ini dong gan :->

    Navicat Premium =>
    Sql Yog =>

  194. sunaryo joko waluyo

    Gan.minta diberikan sofware untuk scrap tokopedia ini linknya

  195. the luthfi

    apakah ada bot addmefast yang work?
    bls ya kak..thanks πŸ™‚

  196. Todo Harefa

    Boleh request “SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate”? Thank you

  197. will bradley

    Does anyone have google organic search bot version 3.3?

  198. jimmy jimmy

    Mlm gan…request ini ya…

  199. bos kaosbola

    Gan request “seo content machine” dan Kontent machine”donk please…

  200. Antonius Bambang Herlambang

    Can u help us with this tools?

    Thanks alot..

  201. siva sankaris

    HI i need scrapebox can you provide me …. thanks

    • putri anzani

      i just have the LEGIT version…
      And still try to crack it.
      you can contact me by email for more question.

  202. abdhi rto

    Selamat malam… Request ini gan πŸ˜€

  203. priya rajarajan

    I need AvatarGeniepro.


  204. udit saxena

    Operation Physical Products by Jason Fladlein

  205. Jeremy Lim

    Dear Putri,

    Anyway to cracked access to this web-based platform?

    Thank you.

  206. modern b The bonuses are here and it stated that the software was coming but it has been quite awhile. Are we going to get it?

  207. mlm united

    I am looking for “All In One Traffic Bot”

    Sales Page:

    Thank you

  208. Jeremy Lim

    Hi guys,

    This very new launch will be fantastic to add into this website as well.


  209. alfonso jerez

    hello i write you from gmail to… please can you nulled this plugin?

  210. Jeremy Lim

    Dear Putri, thank you so much for your speedy service! terima kasih ya!

    Coming up, hopefully we can get to have 1) iGloo launched 14 June and 2) Viddyoze 2.0 launched 28 June.

    Thank you.

  211. andi rustanularief

    Selamat malem putri, saya mau request update cracked untuk software samurai versi V0.93.90 karena yg versi sebelumnya sudah tidak jalan lagi.

    Terima kasih

  212. huilota 2002

    This is launching:


  213. Todo Harefa

    Gan bisa request iGloo –>

  214. Actually, this I wanted to paste the link below and the wrong link posted earlier, sorry about that.

    Could you get me please these scripts


  215. Panzer Bravo

    Hello could crack this program?

    I would like to ask, you know a lot of software that translates .txt documents, I would like to translate some program so many texts in cuention of minutes, I hope your answer thank you very much.

  216. I would like to request this software:

    Thanks for your all hard work in advance. πŸ™‚

  217. I need this directory script:

    Could you please provide it faster because earlier requested still NOT received any of them.


  218. suda gen

    This would be very useful for all members if you provide.
    ToonVideo :

  219. saad mudz

    gan bisa minta bantuan plugin ongkir dinull in bisa g kayak :
    sekarang mah mo ngapa-ngapain pake expedisi…minta tolong gan….
    trims all

  220. Thinh Tran

    I like this ebook. Thank sir.

  221. henry ss

    hello what about this course!

  222. priya rajarajan

    WP Stock Ticker Pro wordpress plugin

  223. novo unlimited

    Trendingtraffic wordpress plugin

    Social Link Machine Plugin

    Razorbot youtube commenter software

  224. EdΓ‘bio Araujo

    Pedido:Ninja Forms is a webform builder with unparalleled ease of use and features.

    VersΓ£o 2.9.50 | Por The WP Ninjas | Ver detalhes

  225. EdΓ‘bio Araujo

    Como faço meu link de afiliado? E onde encontro banners para colocar no site prontos?

  226. omar shariff

    Does anyone have OptimizeMember plugin for OptimizePress?
    The link in this website is the theme not the membership plugin.
    I believe it comes with OptimizaPress when you purchase and you have to download it from your account.
    Thanks in advance

    Omar Shariff

  227. Faiz Fauzi

    Hi Putri,

    I want to request to be in here. Thanks.

  228. siva sankaris

    hi friend, can you provide me

  229. novo unlimited – Spying on the Facebook Ads of Competitors

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