SchemaPress v1.1 Nulled Unlimited Site Developer License

SchemaPress is a WORDPRESS PLUGIN that allows you to simply and effectively add schema data to your sites with no technical skills involved. If you can click a couple of buttons and type, then you can operate SchemaPress!

Without SchemaPress, you would need to crack open the HTML code of each of your site pages, work up the correct schema coding, and hope you don’t break something in the process.

But we’ve taken care of all the “hard work,” so all you have to do is fill out some key information, click a button, and you’re good to go!


Types of Information You Can Add Schema To:

  • Businesses
    Display location & customer review
  • People
    Display phone number and photos
  • Authors
    Display author photo, name and links
  • Music Albums
    Display lyrics and links to songs
  • Products & Recipes
    Display ratings, pictures and prices
  • Events
    Display event date, location and time
  • Video
    Display video image
  • Restaurants
    Display star rating, review and prices

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