SEO That Works Course by Brian Dean

SEO that works course is a premium product that Brian has put together to help others learn how to repeat his success. I am not new to blogging either and run a few sites that generate 10,000 to 17,000 page views per month and as such I have paid for my fair share of on-line courses. I also run my own SEO and content marketing agency (you are reading my agency blog) so I knew a fair bit already.


Now although I have had some great success with my work in the past, I struggled with consistent results. I would often just write what I thought or felt would do well after some keyword research and publish, then share to groups I had developed and connected with. This did well most of the time but not all my posts worked out the same. I often spent ages on a post and got low returns. I was hoping Brians SEO That Works course would help to fix this.

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