Thrive Leads v2.0.17 Nulled

A Mailing List = Traffic at Your Fingertips

One of the most repeated statements in marketing is that a mailing list is the most important asset an online business can build. And the reason is simple: nothing else gives you the kind of on-demand traffic that a mailing list does.


Whatever your worries are – rising cost of PPC traffic, Google giving you a hard time, difficulty finding new traffic sources, not making enough sales – with a growing mailing list, the problems all dwindle away. The question is not “should you build a mailing list?” the question is: “are you building your mailing list as effectively as possible?”

If not, you’re leaving money on the table. And that’s why we created Thrive Leads to be the hands-down most effective, most conversion focused lead opt-in plugin for WordPress.


Thrive Leads version 2.0.17 released:

  • Removed “Already subscribed” state from Lead Generation Switch state options
  • Delete state confirmation box hide on cancel press
  • Fix for tests at lead group level to display the same form type for same visitor
  • Update animation dropdown after state remove
  • Decreased specificity of input selectors for set 24 of templates

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Thrive Architect v2.0.16 Nulled

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