Video Jeet Cracked

Video Jeet Cracked is Amazing tool automates everything!

Find, share and promote videos automatically

Easiest way for automated video sharing!

How it works : Video Jeet is a windows based application that finds the latest videos on Youtube based on the keywords you specify for your niches. It can then post those videos on an unlimited number of FREE blogs, or hosted WordPress blogs, ping Google Blogsearch, and also post the links to the videos on your Twitter account.
“The right way to earn from video sharing.”

Simple to use! Just pick your niche and start targeting it.
Get fresh video content day-after-day, hour-after-hour automatically on your blog without investing a minute of your time. Video Jeet does all your hard work!

Automatically pings Google Blogsearch to get your posts added to search engine quick! Show up on the first page of the search engine faster than you can imagine.
Shares your videos automatically on Twitter to feed your social media stream, and also drive visitors to your shared videos.

Make a huge number of different video blogs running automatically without investing a single cent!
Watch long-tail keywords appear in search and bring you traffic like magic.
Are you still wondering?

Using this software I created a test blog and added 40 videos to it in less than 24 hours. 2 days later I had 13 videos appear on the front page of Google!How is it possible?

The reason is the way Google handles videos.
Videos are the only content type that Google gives a special status to on the search results page. The search results from videos are not displayed as a part of the other content, but in a separate segment. When you use Video content on your blog, you can actually have your blog appear on the front page of Google. Sometimes even above the video itself!

I gave Video Jeet for a test-run to one of my associates, and this is what he told me:

I used Video Jeet to target keywords related to my main website to create 11 different video blogs working completely on auto. A week later I was getting nearly 200 visitors a day from the 11 blogs. Those people clicked on the links that I asked Video Jeet to put below each video! Now I am going to create even more blogs.”
“Why Video Jeet will really work for you!”

Video is the new frontier for Internet marketers. The new segment which still has the potential to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars for anybody who gets it right.
Google, the king of all search engines handles videos differently than all other content. The content uploaded with the video does not show up as part of the normal search results, nor is indexed in the same way, giving you a huge opportunity to make Google work for you by targeting the search using Video content.
By sharing viral videos and driving traffic to them you can build a stable flood of traffic that brings an unending flood of income.

Don’t waste your money on video sharing websites that charge you a huge monthly fee to let you share videos when Video Jeet gives you the power to do it free with added benefits!
Discover an endless stream of content in your selected niche. New videos just keep coming in and in and you can pick and choose.
Modify every aspect of what’s posted to your site including the title, the description, and the keywords.
Keep full control over what gets shared. Reject videos you don’t like. Post videos immediately, or let them queue up for later.

Video Jeet lets you do as little or as much work as you want to do. On full auto you can just turn it on and sit back while it does all the work, or you can spend a few minutes every day, to give a massive push to your earnings from video sharing.

Video Jeet is the only system that works with free blogs on Blogger too. By targeting free Blogger blogs you can build an endless free series of video marketing blog in your selected niches, setting up multiple pipelines of money.

Video Jeet is a great way to target long-tail keywords which bring 70% of search visitors.
You can even use Video Jeet to build regularly updated link-bait blogs, all linking back to your main website or landing page. Bringing you visitors, and search!


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