Video Marketing Blaster v1.38

Video Marketing Blaster v1.38Would you belive me if I said… that 99% of my videos get top rankings in YouTube…

Would you belive me if I said… that I literally need 2 minutes to…
find and analyze the best keywords for a niche
create titles/descriptions/tags
-even create a brand new video and render it
-upload it on YouTube…

Probably right now you are thinking that I’m nuts… No, my friend… I have an ace up my sleeve…


Video Marketing Blaster is a software I created based of a my own
YouTube strategy/experience that I’ve been using and perfecting for over
2 years which has brought me a ton of success.

The insiders of YouTube marketing are calling it the “holy grail”
because it is able to generate (with the click of one button) the best
SEO optimized title/description/tags that will get you top ranking in
YouTube search engine. ( + more )

The hard part about generating a winning combination of titles –
descriptions – tags is that you have to know what keywords you should
target and HOPE that you will be able to rank your video for that keyword in YouTube Search Engine…

There are a lot of other keyword research tools out there, but all of
them have something in common: the primary goal is to find the right
targeted keywords that will get you to rank high in Google search
engine. There are only a few tools that are designed to analyze YouTube
keywords… and all of them are getting information from YouTube adwords
tool. You can find good keywords from the YouTube adwords tool, that is
true, but if you want to stand out of the crowd and find golden
keywords you will need more then that… VMB has it’s own sources based on our and other successful video marketers experience.

As any video marketer already knows, to get a huge amount of traffic you need either a viral video that will spread by itself or you have to target the right keywords that will bring views to your video.

Normally, you would have big difficulties: there is no easy way to
target/find the right YouTube keywords, you will have to spend hours
researching and analyzing the top videos in your niche to find out what
keywords they are targeting, what keywords are driving traffic to them
and how to out-rank those videos.

  • VMB will analyze all the keywords in your niche from 4 different sources with the click of one button.
  • VMB
    will create for you the perfect SEO combination of Title – Description –
    Tags that will get you ranked in top of YouTube search engine
  • VMB will even create a perfect traffic converting video for you, with the click of two buttons.



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