Vidneos Full Version [MAC&WIN]

VidNeos “pre-ranks” your videos with our proprietary rating system (based on thousands of other ‘viral’, top-watched videos). And it allows you to make addicting videos people just can’t stop watching…


To do this on your own would require several different softwares… spreadsheets (math) and a lot of friggin’ time in research… We’ve taken the the initiative and put together all of those features into one software.

Say goodbye to that exhausted feeling you get when a video you worked hard on doesn’t pull any traffic…even though you spent hours doing keyword research…prepared it correctly…tagged it “correctly”… for what? Nothing.

Imagine, though, waking up the day after your video hits YouTube and potentially seeing…1,000 views…10,000 views…Or more!

But here’s the most incredible part…

Sales. Because the traffic your videos will generate using VidNeos is not just any old traffic… it’s hot traffic “ready to buy” traffic… You stand to potentially profit on any video you ever create from this point forward…


VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real sales…and packs it all into a
one-stop-shop software…

Like a personal consultant, looking over your shoulder and giving you step-by-step instructions and
feedback…mistakes to avoid…and more:

All you do is load up the software, and in minutes you can rock out a fully produced, stunning marketing video…published with the (exact) tags, keywords, and even video structures people are using to create insane potentially pay days for themselves using YouTube!
It’s the answer to not just a few, but all of your video marketing needs.

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CurationNeos PRO Full Access
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