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Generate Content For Your Backlinks Within Seconds. Content generation is the ability of taking multiple articles and building unique content from them. Usually people copy an article and then spin them on word level and think this will suffice but with recent updates like Panda and Penguin you need much stronger backlink profile. What WAC does is completely automate this task. You just enter your keyword and then click a button and WAC will download content and spin them on paragraph level or line level to give you high uniqueness or high readability whichever is your need.


With WAC you get more than just spun content. Even a lightly build article is over 60+ pages in Microsoft Word. Each of these article is capable of producing a billion unique article for submission. Each article is spun on word level + line level + paragraph level. If you use Senuke, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter or any other link building tool then you are already using spun content. But is your spun content powerful enough to generate unique content for each backlink ?

1. Tiered Link Building – Generate highly spun content for your backlinks
2. Massive Spinning Abilities – Each article has over a billion possible outputs
3. High Uniqueness <spanstyle=”color: rgb(0,=”” 0,=”” 0);=”” font-size:=”” 20pt;”=””>- Generate articles with 99% uniqueness in any niche
4. Smart Contextual Linking – Insert your links within content itself
5. Panda / PenguinSafe – Improve your rankings with multi-spun articles
6. Rich Media Content – Add images and videos with spintax to your articles
7. Native API Support – Build and transfer content to GSA and UD via WAC ID
8. ScrapeboxSupport – Scrape over 100,000 articles with Advanced Scraper
9. Free Lifetime Updates – We have released over a dozen of updates for free
10. Easy Project Backups – Export all your content with just two clicks


Want To Know How WAC Works ?
Although we call it a one click software, WAC allows too many tweaks. You can change size of article, spinning level, content source etc.

  • Scrape Content
    WAC can download content from two sources – WAC database (we provide over 5 million articles from 500+ niches) or Article Directories (WAC can scrape content from over 25+ article directories). For majority of keywords WAC can scrape over 200+ articles. For high volume keywords you can get over 5000-6000+ articles.
  • Spin Content
    After scraping WAC will spin the content using our own spinning mechanism which uses the best database available. It has over 20 Million synonyms which can spin almost anything. From informational to educational and even commercial content, everything can be spun.
  • Build Content
    WAC will finally build content from the scraped articles using either Tier 1 mode or Tier 2 mode. Tier 1 reads much better and is available to premium members only (check pricing page). You can also export the content to PDF file or export as an API to import in other softwares.


Sales Page:

Sales Page: http://wickedarticlecreator.com/


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