WP Cheat v1.2 Full Package

Create Responsive Web Content Instantly in any WordPress or HTML Site With 2300+ Cheat Codes. Make: Review Pages, Galleries, Lists, Sales Page, Price Tables, Custom Widgets & More.


The Worpress editor has remained in the dark age for years so creating anything more than text and a graphic is just painful. Like it or not we need our content to look good & stand out especially with high levels of completion nowadays. Of course you can use shortcode/content creation plugins but these are always limited in choice & mostly non adjustable + of course there’s the learning curve. That’s if your plugin doesn’t clash with your theme.

I wanted to make responsive web content that is easily adjustable which works with every WP theme without coding, irrespective of the theme width CSS styling or color scheme. The solution was easier than I thought …

Solution: Pro Web Designers Use Code Snippets!

This of course is a great idea apart from the fact that WordPress likes to eat & alter HTML code at will – the “AHA” moment came when I found that writing code in a specific way solved the problem. So now even a child can create great looking web content without any effort, knowledge or plugin clashes.


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