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The easiest way to add custom types to WordPress sites, Custom types let you build WordPress sites that are easy to manage and maintain. With Toolset, you can add custom types to the WordPress admin and front-end, using any theme and without writing PHP.

1. Add custom types and fields to the WordPress admin
Start by adding the custom types, fields and taxonomy that you need to the WordPress admin. This allows editors to create rich content, with the required fields. You can set up ‘parent/child’ relationship between different types, to build relational databases.

2. Design templates for single-pages
Templates display the site’s content. You need to design a template once and it will display all the items of the custom type. To build templates with Toolset, you only need to have basic HTML skills. No need to write in PHP.

3. Create and design custom post archives
Custom post archives are the standard WordPress pages that show paginated lists of custom types. They are good for visitors and extremely important for SEO. Toolset lets you create archives for custom types, which will display the content with your unique design. Like for templates, you only need basic HTML skills to create custom archives with Toolset.

4. Display custom content anywhere in the site
Templates and archives are the basics of displaying custom types, but it’s not all you can do with Toolset. You will be able to display custom types in many different ways, depending on your content and needs.

Toolset lets you create:

  • Custom searches, according to fields and taxonomy
  • Content display on Google Maps
  • Grids and tables
  • Paginated lists
  • Infinitely scrolling pages

With Toolset, you can create all these and mix between them, without writing a single line of PHP. It’s all content-driven, so you build it once and it displays with content that editors add to the WordPress admin.

5. Build forms for front-end content submission and editing
Classifieds, directory and membership sites rely on front-end submission forms. Toolset makes it easy to create content submission forms for custom types, complete with all the fields that you need.

With Toolset, you can build forms that will create and edit any kind of content and users. Your forms will automatically include all the fields that belong to the content. You can style the forms using simple HTML, to reach the exact design that you want.


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